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March 17, 2017

Media Statement

A recent article published on 13 March 2017 entitled “Como se Rouba Feio no Fundo Soberano” (English version "Stealing by Presidential Decrees") by journalist Rafael Marques de Morais  in Maka Angola has made several unfounded remarks about me and the various projects and initiatives I am supporting in Angola. As an entrepreneur and innovation enabler who is actively contributing towards socioeconomic growth in Angola and sub-Saharan Africa, I find these libelous report by such activists unprofessional.

As a Swiss-Angolan, it is my personal passion to support, both through financing and resourcing, initiatives that drive economic opportunity and social inclusion for Angolans. Through my professional and my philanthropic efforts, I have continuously worked towards unlocking African potential by creating and financing many innovation-led programs in an ethical and transparent manner.

In the past, I have been passive in my reaction towards these salacious remarks that question my integrity and credibility. However, this time I am making an official statement that I will not hesitate to take legal action on the grounds of unwarranted slander against individuals or entities that continue to make libelous accusations about me or my life’s work.