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My Story

Africa has long inspired me with its deep cultural contrasts, striking natural beauty and the innate liveliness of its people. There is so much raw talent and potential amongst the African people that I find myself constantly motivated with new ideas, ventures and collaborations. It is a continent that is alive and evolving in a way that is so unique, so incredible, that it is impossible not to be excited for Africa.

When I look back, I can see how my upbringing as a Swiss-Angolan, and the cultural differences I faced growing up in the West, have greatly influenced my principles.

I’ve been privileged to inherit certain traits that have been passed on to me in equal measures by both sides of my family. A combination of African wisdom and Swiss ambition along with a deep reverence for values such as ethics, fairness, generosity and trust have guided me in becoming the man that I am today. 

My relationship with my late Angolan grandmother, who taught me the importance of valuing humanity, has also played a major role in my desire to make a difference on the African continent.

Those who know me well, know that I am more than just a business man, and that my true motivation has always been more philanthropically oriented. In fact, I count myself as being very fortunate because I’m able to use the success that I’ve worked hard to attain to play a part, however small, in Africa’s progress.

Lately, I have received several media enquiries relating to my business and philanthropic ventures. Despite being completely transparent and going above and beyond to provide authoritative information to the media, certain media outlets have chosen to report falsehoods and malicious innuendo based on inaccurate material and partial information. I believe that journalists have a responsibility to report with integrity and I encourage these journalists to conduct an exhaustive, objective analysis of my business and philanthropic ventures to truly understand the impact my projects are having on people’s lives in Angola and the wider continent. I am an African for Africa and will continue to work hard and invest in this region and the potential and economic development of African people.  I labor tirelessly to influence change in the only way I know how to - by supporting initiatives that unlock human potential and promote socio-economic development in Africa.   I believe that progress can only stem from best practices, everything that I do, whether business or impact philanthropic, is based on strong values of ethics and transparency. Everything I do or accomplish is done transparently and in the public domain.

Africa’s time has arrived, and I am excited and optimistic about the prospects for the African people and for the future of the continent.