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Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais

Africa has long inspired me with its deep cultural contrasts, striking natural beauty and the innate liveliness of its people. There is so much raw talent and potential amongst the African people that I find myself constantly motivated with new ideas, ventures and collaborations. It is a continent that is alive and evolving in a way that is so unique, so incredible, that it is impossible not to be excited for Africa.

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Opportunities for African Private Equity

June 14, 2017

As part of its marketing campaign for the forthcoming launch of the Global Public Investor, OMFIF published an article of mine entitled Opportunities for African Private Equity, which touches on how PE investors are welcomed as facilitators of infrastructure development and long-term economic diversification through key industrial sectors. I share my thoughts on how Private Capital is heavily courted, particularly in fast-growing economies such as Nigeria, which has a proactive and highly pro-private enterprise economic strategy. I also talk about the ways in which African and foreign investors can take advantage of widespread opportunities to support significant government investments in priority industries, including hospitality, technology, infrastructure, timber, and healthcare.

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Robots -To Tax or Not to Tax?

May 25, 2017

To tax or not to tax? As robots continue to invade our world and displace humans from their jobs, the big question is should robots pay tax? I certainly believe so but it’s not so straightforward. In my latest byline, I share my thoughts on how I think we should apply robot tax, whether or not it would impact innovation at large, and the implications for developing regions like Africa, where the priority continues to be human jobs as opposed to robots and automation.

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Investors are a driving force in shaping Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

May 12, 2017