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Business Focus

Without doubt, entrepreneurship-led development in Africa is key to sustainable socio-economic growth. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that supporting African entrepreneurs will not only fuel economic diversification across the region but also catapult job creation for the continent’s bulging youth population.

I am convinced that African development should be led first and foremost by African’s as we understand the region’s needs best. Certainly, the time to invest in Africa is now, but it is Africans themselves who can advance these developments by creating the right kind of business ecosystems to support long term investments across the region.

“It is vital for local investors to back local businesses”

Quantum Global

Quantum Global was founded in 2007 with the aim to build bridges between developed and emerging markets.

Today, the Quantum Global Group has grown to include four business groups which include active management, investment management, private equity and research. With over $8 billion in assets under management, we apply our unique understanding of emerging markets, our global network and insights on sustainable partnerships to create investment opportunities for our clients and partners.

Banco Kwanza Invest

Angola has seen continued economic growth since 2002. Through my personal and professional experience in the country, I realized there was a great need and opportunity to provide banking solutions by leveraging that growth. I founded Banco Kwanza Invest, Angola’s first investment bank, in 2008 to provide entrepreneurs and companies in this emerging market with corporate investment services to successfully operate and expand their business.

“Small to medium enterprises are economic growth engines”

My favored approach to unlocking African entrepreneurship and fueling African SMEs is what I call smart investment. Essentially it is a combination of timing, business maturity and the right mix of local elements. This can only be achieved when all parties have a unanimous understanding of the risk profile and return expectations of the business they are investing in, and if all parties are motivated by the same ethical principles, values and vision in pursuit of their business objectives. 

Many African entrepreneurs like myself have come to the realization that conventional financing models do not necessarily have the same impact in Africa. For this reason I am interested in exploring new ways to finance and sustain African entrepreneurship.

Throughout everything that I do, my goal is to inspire local innovators to connect with local entrepreneurs and partners to achieve tangible business milestones that will make them attractive to international co-investors.